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Good evening everyone! I hope all of you are feeling well. I know its been a while since I have posted some things, but family life and life in general has been keeping me busy offline. Never one to leave my readers hanging, I feel the need to bring you in on the latest developments with this blog. Man, where do I begin? As you can see, I have added some new contributing writers, opened up this platform to guest posts, and have extended into talking about issues of education. Special shoutout to Dr. Nicole Walters and Prof. Brandon Melendez for holding me down in this respect.

Lately, I have been including some video interviews, and am working on details behind the scenes to regularize this kind of content. By the way, did you know that Polite On Society has a Youtube page? #shamelessplug Now you do. LOL. Anyway, like I was saying, there are some great things going on, and I have learned that I will be returning to Washington, D.C. in September. Why, do you ask? Because I will be attending the Black Blog Awards. As many of you know, (As I have reminded you ad nauseum, LOL) I was the winner of the Best Black Blog of 2011 through the Historical Black Press Foundation. This year, I will be defending my title, and going up against some really ill competition again. As far as I know right now, I will be up against Yalanda Lattimore’s Dryer Buzz and  DC Liver’s Blackophobic for Best Black Blog of 2012.

The big difference this year with these awards are that there will be different categories among the different types of blogs. Also, blogs can be nominated for multiple categories as well. While I am definitely pulling to keep my title, and be recognized for Best Black Political Blog of 2012, I would not be mad at all if I got nominations/mentions for Best Black Blog in New York City. Someone’s gotta hold it down for the Big Apple. Might as well be me in the running. Ha. To read a full list of the various categories, visit

These are exciting times for online  publishing. BlogHer was this past week, and blogging is becoming more and more recognized as a viable platform. Awards like this can only reinforce this. I for one, am glad to be a part of this scene, and in on this conversation. No matter the outcome, all who participate will be enriched. I will need the support of the readers, subscribers, tweeters, sharers, and yes even y’all lurkers who rarely say anything on here. I know ya reading tho! Click rates dont lie! LOL!

But seriously, just wanted to share all that with you, and let you know that Polite On Society will be moving forward and continuing to be an outlet of social commentary and political analysis for the African American community. Thank you all for your ongoing support, and you can vote for this site by voting online at the Black Blog Awards  Voting ends September 10th

Thank you all! Peace, until the next post!

Marc W. Polite

Going For The Second W

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