Akil Rose Comments on Closing of Hue-Man Bookstore and Changes in Harlem

As many who read this space are aware, Hue-Man Bookstore closed last Tuesday. As the last patrons of the famed Harlem bookstore ventured through the aisles, I spoke with Akil Rose of the Harlem Transformation Project. He offers his reaction on the store closing, and gives the viewer a small overview of what his organization does. The video is below.


-Marc W. Polite

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  1. Thank you Mark. Your a very talented young Brotha. I trust and pray we can do more together in the future to benifit our community and to increase the Prosperity and Positive impact we our and shall be having in the mission we have chosen.

    Peace and Success
    Akil Rose

  2. Good morning Akil. Thank you so much for the reinforcing words and granting the interview. I look forward to doing more for the Harlem community as well.

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