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Marc Polite, author of
Marc Polite, author of “Poetic Ruminations” and “Everything To Learn, Nothing to Teach”

Marc W. Polite is a poet and essayist. Born and raised in Harlem, New York, he writes about social concerns, labor issues, film, technology, and literature. His reviews and striking commentary appear in The Amsterdam News, Poets & Writers, Black Star News, Madame Noire, The Grio, Time Magazine, The Atlanta Post, New England Informer, and Harlem’s own Harlem News Group and Harlem World Magazine. He is also a member of the Harlem Writers Guild, the oldest, continuously operating African-American writers guild in the world.

Mr. Polite is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the social and political commentary blog site, Polite On Society, which has been in operation since 2009.

Mr. Polite is also the author of five books:

The Poetic Ruminations of Mr. Born Nice – a collection of original poems

Everything To Learn, Nothing To Teach– a collection of essays, commentary, and personal recollections.

Poetic Ruminations: Volume 2– a collection of original poems, and follow up to the first Poetic Ruminations.

The Binge Watcher’s Guide to Black Mirror: An Unofficial Companion – A recap and analysis of all five seasons of the popular Netflix science fiction anthology.

Quiet With A Loud Mind– A collection of original poems, and a break away from the Poetic Ruminations series.

All five books are available in print and on Kindle.

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