1. I would like permission to use this photo of luis reyes for educational purposes – can you let me know
    Professor Sonja Mongar

  2. Good evening Prof. Mongar. Yes you may use the photo. I don’t own it, I just used it for the article.

  3. I have an ACS case now and I was terribly afraid before i read the open letter, now I know for sure I am not paranoid. I contacted the Mayor’s office twice and all they did was pass my letter, unread to ACS. That hurt my kids and I, and will hurt us in ways yet to be seen. The idea that felons and murderers have more rights than parents is truly frightening. They have a right to view evidence used against them and there is a burden of proof that needs to be met. ACS can right down anything they want and you are never allowed to know what exactly is being used against you. I also learned that definition of abuse changes if you are on welfare. They said that if you are not on welfare doing anything is up to the parents discretion and if you are on welfare it is abuse. It makes me wonder about the kids who are allowed to be hurt and killed simply because the parent doesn’t receive public assistance. Poor children are not the only children abused and molested, and how despicable is it that this system supports those parents. My ACS worker and her supervisor are the most callous people I’ve ever seen especially when they speak to my young girls. I started a blog to vent about such experiences because I have never felt so helpless and hopeless in my life. Finding this site was very helpful to me and I’d like to thank you for addressing a matter that clearly isn’t a concern for the leaders of this city.

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