Week In Review- August 5th-11th

Good morning all. This week just flew by, but much happened. Let’s talk on some of it. Here we go.

President Obama Says He Is Not The President of Black America

In an interview with Black Enterprise this week, President Obama stated that he is not the president of Black America. This evasive remark was in response to a question about whether or not he has done enough to help Black businesses. This kind of answer is typical of his approach in dealing with Black America, and he prefaces this comment by saying “He wants all Americans to have opportunity.” Fair enough, but why is it always when the Black electorate asks anything, there is this response to show that proverbially the store is not being given away? Boyce Watkins has already written on this, but I want to understand why we accept this as an answer.

Harry Belafonte Calls Out Jay-Z and Beyonce On Issue Of Social Responsibility

A longtime activist calls out the Jay Z and Beyonce for turning their back on social responsibility. Recently as many readers know, Oprah was questioned about her commitment to the Black community, and the responses were pretty pointed. I have to say that in this case, being that the criticism is coming from Belafonte, it is being given a lot more traction. I think that says a great deal about not necessarily what is said, but who it comes from. From what I have read so far, no one has denounced Mr. Belafonte as a “hater”

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas Approached By HBCU

Things just keep getting better for Gabby Douglas. After landing a 90 million dollar deal with Kelloggs Corn Flakes ,the young gymnast who hails from Virginia Beach was approached by Spelman College. These are all great things happening for an individual who is dedicated to their craft, and inspiring so many young women. Congratulations Ms. Douglas.

Share your thoughts on these stories, and the other things that happened this week.

-Marc W. Polite





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