Writer Wednesday: Do You Have a Book Model?

Greetings all! It’s that time of the week again. Looking around the blogosphere, I notice that there are a good number of bloggers that either have or are working on books. With so many changes in the publishing industry, providers of online content are making the leap from the online article to the long form book. With e-books surpassing hardcover print books, providers of online content now have an even greater opportunity to get their work out there.

The question today is, for those bloggers out there, do you have a book model? Is there a book in your genre that you are thinking of as a template for layout, chapter breakdown, and aesthetic? If not, do you intend on building from scratch? There are numerous how-to’s out there for publishing, but eventually every aspiring author has to decide on what format is best for them. It is all a part of the learning process.

I would love to hear your commentary.

Marc W. Polite


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