Improving Your Company Culture One Step At A Time

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Creating a positive employee culture is all about making sure everyone feels safe, valued, and happy in their job role. And as an employer, you directly influence how this is implemented.


A positive workplace culture can benefit from reduced turnover, lower sickness levels, fewer complaints, and increased productivity and efficiency. That being said, many employers neglect to ensure everyone feels safe in their job role and is happy throughout their working day. In fact, it is worth bearing in mind that saying that people quit people, not jobs, and this is true, meaning as the employer, the book stops with you.


So how can you improve your company culture if it’s lacking, and what do your employees want from you exactly?


Ask For Feedback

In the first instance, you need to know what is and isn’t working. You cannot make any changes for the better if you have no idea where you stand right now. Ask those who work for you what they like and dislike, and ask for constructive feedback that you can use to make any required changes. It is essential that changes benefit your team as a whole rather than self-serving specific individuals. Hence, you need to look at all the feedback objectively and experiment with different things until you find something that works for the majority, not the minority.


Foster Growth and Career Progress

For some people, this might be a job to pay the bills and get through life; for others, this is likely a career they want to succeed in. If this is something you can offer, encouraging employees’ growth in their job role and having a career plan people can progress through can offer them an added incentive to do well. Foster innovation, encourage new ideas and creativity, and employee training programs to make this happen. Your employees might even be eligible for construction short course rebates if you are in the construction industry, or you can access additional training for funding for other internal opportunities. Regardless, you need to have training in place, skills upgrades, and support for employees who want to climb the ranks and have internal promotion goals in mind with your company.


Employee Perks and Benefits

Finally, you can help to improve employee culture by offering a fair compensation package for employees. There is a shift in the working world whereby people no longer stand for secrecy and unfairness regarding wages and benefits. Employees rightly demand transparency and equal compensation for the job role they are doing. Remove all discontent where salaries are concerned by offering generous wages and benefits packages that will encourage your employees to stick with you and entice new hires to want to work with you. At a minimum, you should offer a comprehensive healthcare package, generous paid time off, a healthy work-life balance, and a fair wage for the work being carried out. From here, you can add extras such as bonuses, company perks, eyesight and dental care packages, and so on.



Your workplace culture starts and ends with you. You need to be able to make the right changes for the right reasons to ensure your workforce can come to work and be supported, happy, and healthy in the workplace. This can help you to facilitate growth not just in your team but in your business, too, and support a positive reputation in the future.

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