3 Major Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship

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The term ‘toxic relationship’ has been tossed around a lot, but few people know what it actually means. Then there are the many signs you’re in a toxic relationship, many of which can be difficult to spot.

Defined as a relationship where you’re constantly drained and unhappy, there are many negative characteristics that make a relationship toxic. The effects on your mental health are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are three major signs you’re in one.

For your sake, they’re worth diving into, and knowing that WomenSV Ruth Darlene can help.

Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship: 3 Major Picks

1. Resentment

There’ll be occasional arguments in your relationship, and that’s normal. What isn’t normal is resentment building up because of these arguments. If you or your partner start to resent each other, it gets increasingly unhealthier. It becomes more and more toxic, especially if it’s not dealt with.

As small as this can start, it gets larger and has more and more of an impact on your relationship. While this can be one of the easier signs you’re in a toxic relationship to deal with if you tackle it early, it eventually gets out of hand if you don’t. Tackle it if it’s possible.

2. Toxic Communication

You and your partner need to communicate with each other properly, but that isn’t possible if you’re in a toxic relationship. It becomes much more difficult to do this. If you’re constantly sarcastic with each other, or if one of you is scared to talk about something, things need to change.

It’s one of the larger signs you’re in a toxic relationship. At a certain point, you’ll need to reconsider the relationship itself. It could end up becoming unsustainable, and you may need to leave.

3. Constant Stress

Life always involves some stress, but this normally comes from work and similar places. Most of the time, this is easy to handle and doesn’t last long. Sometimes, your relationship can even involve some stress, but it shouldn’t be constant.

If you’re always feeling stressed in – or because of – your relationship, then it’s a major sign you’re in a toxic relationship. Your relationship should be a source of positive emotions and help relieve your stress, not the other way around.

Finding yourself constantly stressed because of the relationship is a tell-tale sign things need to change. Your mental health will be much better because of it.

Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship: Wrapping Up

There can be multiple signs you’re in a toxic relationship, some of which are more major than others. They can often be difficult to spot when you’re in one, however. You’ll have to put the effort into analyzing your relationship and figuring out if it’s actually healthy.

If there’s constant stress, a lot of resentment, and toxic communication is a defining trait, then see them as red flags. They’re signs your relationship may need to come to an end. It’ll be much better for you in the long run.

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