Review: Destination Cosmos Exhibit at Hall Des Lumieres

By Marc W. Polite

Good afternoon, my readers. I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. Today, I ventured to Hall des Lumieres to see the Destination Cosmos Exhibit.

As some of you can tell from a few of my recent posts, I have become enamored with all of the latest discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope. I have taken up as yet another hobby to follow the developments, and educate myself about all aspects of astronomy.

If you’re at all into the recent discoveries, then Destination Cosmos is definitely for you. This exhibit starts with the history of the Space Race in the 1950s and 60s, and takes the viewer right up to the current information revealed about the wider view of the universe JWST has helped us see. It lasts about an hour, and is a good primer for people who may not have picked up an astronomy book since junior high school.

Destination Cosmos is on exhibit at Hall Des Lumieres until June 4th.

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