Learning to Let Others Be Wrong

Good afternoon, everyone. The above statement as you can see, talks about letting folks get it wrong.

This, is something in this time that I have had to really struggle with. As a writer, I search out the truths, and go where it takes me. Often, it puts me at odds with many, as some tend to just repeat what they hear if it makes them comfortable.

Throughout the course of this pandemic, I have come across some reprehensible, backwards, and asinine logic. I have seen people who I previously thought of as intelligent and had respected their judgment on even matters well outside of their expertise. That, has changed.

When I see people arguing about how masks are not needed, and how this pandemic is not “real” it makes me question their sanity. I’ve even seen people caste aspersions ahead of time about a potential coronavirus vaccine, saying they “don’t trust it” – anti-vaxxers during a pandemic.. the pinnacle of insanity. Oh.. and if you use terms like “plandemic” , you can hold the L.. you’ve earned it.

In reading and understanding the point of casting doubt.. the goal of people spreading arguments like this is disruption and disinformation. This is a group of people that.. effective immediately I have no intention to go back and forth to correct them.

So, if you want to make those arguments, have at it.. just be sure to stay at least six feet away.

As for everyone else, I recommend that you continue to utilize your common sense, and do what protected you for these past four months.

P.S.- I might not argue with these folks… but I reserve the opportunity to clown them mercilessly.. *smile*


  1. And this: Even if those foil-headed, mama’s-basement-dwelling El Beys are right about there being a conspiracy, it’s here now, it’s dangerous, and it will hurt you if you’re not careful. If they have a better plan than putting on the damn mask, I’d love to hear it.

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