July Ain’t Got No Sense Either..

Random meme time

By Marc W. Polite

Good evening, everyone. To those who may be wondering, yes.. I’m still around. I just been.. laid in the cut a little bit.

This summer is not very enjoyable, to keep it 100. The violence, the societal confusion, and still having to dodge the coronavirus and getting sick.. it all requires a lot of energy to deal with.

Us New Yorkers are watching the rest of the country go through what we went through in April.. and this doesn’t feel good to witness.

So yup.. this month is starting off on some nonsense. I’m trying my best.. not to get on my “go TF off” tip with arguments… it’s a daily challenge. Hair triggers don’t mix with hard blowing winds though.

So.. that’s where it’s at. I’m still out here.. in the world of the living… surviving.

See y’all next post.

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