How Can We Buy Into Love and Light When We See Hate and Darkness?

By Marc W. Polite

Greetings once again, my readers. A lot has transpired in the past week. It has been a week of politically motivated terrorism, and stoking the flames of racist white nationalism.

Some of my readers have been wondering why I have not immediately commented. Recently, the anxiety that is gripping everyone has not missed this writer. I have been feeling very drained when thinking about the current state of affairs.

Any rich person can “seriously consider” a run for office, but any person who understands politics, and tells the truth about the process is shouted down and shut out. This is a small part of why we are where we are.

I’m going to say something in this post that a few people may not like: the depth of this crisis means that there’s no voting our way out of this. It would be outrageous to believe otherwise.

No matter which way the midterm elections go next week, it will not stop right wing forces from sending out bombs, deranged racists murdering Black people, nor shooting up synagogues.

We are in a serious situation here, folks. These people are not playing games. They want blood.

We have to face squarely the fact that we are in a climate of rage and despair. All the worse elements are boiling over, and this happens in tumultuous times. All calls for “moderation” will fall on deaf ears as the voices of demagogues get louder and louder.

As we brace ourselves for whatever comes next, this begins to feel like the beginning of civil unrest- egged on by President Trump himself.

Love and Light can do nothing in the face of all of this Hatred and Darkness. Those are my thoughts on this issue. You’re welcome to share yours below.

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