Hip Hop Artist Hocus 45th Advocates Veganism for The Culture

Hocus 45th

By Marc W. Polite

Harlem born, Bronx raised Hip Hop artist Hocus 45th is leading the charge in creating awareness for veganism by launching his song ‘Why Vegan?’ though his label Bang Bang Boogie Entertainment. Music, body & soul is the mantra that he shares with friends, family and community.  He looks forward to launching a vegan sneaker line and making his line of nutrient rich vegetable juices available to the public as he continues to share the message of health and wellness to the masses.

In talking about what inspired him to promote veganism, Hocus 45th discussed wellness. “I just want to bring health awareness to hip hop”, said the Harlem born rapper. When asked why vegan, Hocus responds, “Initially I did it for myself, for my health”. He goes on to say, “I later realized that I could use my platform to really help the world.”

Hocus is taking his awareness to schools, colleges, and group homes while sharing his experiences with street life and his journey to optimal health.

To hear the song for yourself, see the vid below.

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