Review: Full Spectrum Dominance 2

Full Spectrum Dominance 2 Album Cover

Canibus has re-emerged in a big way this year. After dropping an EP this summer, and linking back up with Wyclef, the New Jersey based emcee comes out with Full Spectrum Dominance Part 2.

Capitalizing on the 20th anniversary of the release of his self titled album, Canibus checks in again with another EP. Now, my old head sensibilities would have preferred he just combine both of these 8 song EPs into a full 16 track album, but I can’t be mad at new material so soon.

The stand out tracks in my opinion are “Matter of Time” -where he talks politics and current events. He even weaves in a line about how buddy buddy Donald Trump was with rappers before he was in office. Diddy is getting all kinds of mentions this week from folks. Lol.

Also of note is the Canibus track featuring Cambatta. This is the first I have heard of him, and he tore it down. I also searched for some other tracks from Cambatta on YouTube and was very impressed with what I heard. I’ll be looking out for dude.

“It’s Going Down” and “Nationwide Ruckus” are good tracks as well. The only song on this EP that I am not crazy about is “Curb Your Ego” – it just does not stand out.

Canibus on this project as usual drops some lines that make you think. He’s been lyrical his whole career, not musical. The beats match his style, and choice of topics. If you’re a fan of this kind of backpack hip hop, then Full Spectrum Dominance 2 is worth a listen.

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