Speak Out Against “The Business of Homelessness” on March 21st

Picture the Homeless to speak out online March 21st.

Via Picture The Homeless

This year, for the first time, the city’s share of homeless shelter spending will top ONE BILLION DOLLARS, bringing the total expense budget for DHS to 1.8 billion dollars. With so much money moving around, it’s clear that homelessness is “big business” in NYC–but if the system is bad for the budget, bad for homeless people, and bad for neighborhoods, who exactly is profiting?

For over a year, members of Picture the Homeless have been hard at work on a participatory action research project, attempting to break down the intricacies of the city budget process and expose the flaws in the system – and prove how desperately we need alternatives.

On Wednesday, March 21st, at 11AM, we’ll be holding a #BusinessOfHomelessness Twitter rally, to help expose the injustice of a system that spends billions to keep homeless people trapped in shelter – and to build buzz for our big REPORT RELEASE LAUNCH EVENT!!!

Can you help us out? Join the Twitter rally by using hashtag #BusinessOfHomelessness, and the following sample tweets – or any other points you think are important when it comes to NYC’s flawed shelter-industrial complex.


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