A Writer on The Verge: Third Time The Charm?

Poetic Ruminations Volume 1 and 2 side by side

Good evening everyone. It’s yours truly, writing to you about what’s next . I have been mentioning on here that I have a third book in the works. This week, I received the proof of my newest book in the mail. I just have to make some last little tweaks and it’ll be ready.

As many of you have heard, a snowstorm is on its way. Due to that, the poetry event that was scheduled for tomorrow, March 21st at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore in Harlem has been rescheduled to April 13th, 2018. The weather be hating. Lol.

Anyway, as I prep to launch this third book, I feel a different sort of vibe from the one that I did on the first and second time around. The net buzz is abound, and I have to balance it with managing this blog also. It’s a fun balancing act, and I feel like I am headed in a good direction. This particular project comes as I emerge out of some inner turmoil, and it has affected the work. I am anticipating to see how people respond to it.

So that’s where I am at with it. More details shall follow. Thanks for continuing to check for the material. Alright then, until next post.. peace!

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