5 Positive Habits to Combat College Stress

College can be a stressful few years, with grades, exams, assignments, and your finances to stress over. Whether you’re worried about achieving the grades you want, paying for your tuition fees and living costs, or even fitting your studies around your busy life, succumbing to negative thoughts and heightened stress levels can be all too easy when studying for your degree. To help you combat this, we’ve listed some positive habits that all students can try.

#1. Meditation

Mindfulness meditation can be one of the best ways to feel calmer and less stressed out as a student. It’s an easy, effective method that can be used at home for a few minutes each day, to help you feel more in control and get in touch with both yourself and the wider world around you. Practicing mindfulness meditation has a wide variety of mental and emotional health benefits that will help you to stress less and have a more positive outlook towards your studies. Check out Examined Existence for more information.

#2. Saying Thank You

Practicing gratitude may be one of the simplest things in the world, but it’s also one of the hardest things to do when you’re feeling stressed out, worried, or anxious. Many students find that writing in a gratitude journal can help them a lot; taking the time to make the effort to be grateful for even the smallest of things throughout your day can help you get in control of your stress. For example, you could be grateful for nice weather or even the fact that you’re able to study. When you start to find things to be thankful for, you’ll be surprised at just how many there are.

#3. Volunteer

Volunteering your time whilst at college is great for not only getting work experience but also giving back to others in a way that can seriously improve your mental health and improve your positivity about life. Donating your time and energy to help individuals in need or excellent causes is a wonderful way to give back and experience the awesome rewards of giving.

#4. Try New Things

Your college years are often the best time to try new things, get involved with new people, and learn new skills. As a young adult, you’re gearing up to make your mark on the world, and college gives you the perfect opportunity to experience and explore different experiences, discover your passions, talents, and interests.

#5. Eat Healthily

Finally, low mood or anxiety issues at college could be triggered by a bad diet. Typical ‘student’ foods tend to be comprised of take-out or convenience meals, which can be great if you’re pushed for time, but not all that good for your health. Instead, take the time to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, protein, and fiber-rich foods to improve the condition of both your body and mind. Don’t forget that healthy eating isn’t just good for you physically; it also helps to strengthen your mental health.

If you found these ideas useful for your college experience, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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