Best of 2017/Reflections on 2017

Marc Polite reading a poem at Peace Cafe in Harlem December 2017.

Greetings, my readers. Here we are, at the end of 2017. As I do around this time, I give my thoughts on the best of what I saw in the year. I also mix it in with a few reflections on how things went for the purpose of efficiency.

As usual, I anticipate that people reading will argue to the contrary, but I am here for that too. Again, I am only referring to what I have read, seen and experienced.

I’ll start off with the Best Books of 2017.

Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom by Thomas E. Ricks- A compare and contrast of two British historical figures

Amiable With Big Teeth by Claude McKay- The novel by Claude McKay deals with Black Nationalists and Communists vying for political power in 1930’s Harlem.

The Hidden Rules of Race: Barriers to an Inclusive Economy by Flynn, Holmberg, Warren, and Wong- A scholarly work about the economic realities African Americans face.


Blade Runner 2049  – A worthy sequel to the 1982 classic. The best sci fi film of 2017.

Get Out– A horror movie with a racial subtext. In terms of tone, perfect for describing the odd moment that 2017 was.

Wonder Woman– After two swing and misses, DC starts to get it right with their film adaptations. I give this film the edge over Justice League also.

The Darkest Hour– A film about the enduring legend of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain during World War 2. Gary Oldman gives an excellent performance as the British statesman and his efforts to rally the population against the impending danger of Nazi Germany.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi– If it wasn’t for Blade Runner 2049, this would have been the best science fiction picture of 2017. If you disagree, you’re probably a Nazi. *Smile*


Whose Streets – A profile of the courageous activists of Ferguson, Missouri. This doc is available on Hulu for those who may not be aware.

TV Shows

The Punisher– This almost makes up for the lukewarm mess that was The Defenders.

The Orville– Even though its a parody of Star Trek, its really a good show. And, at least you don’t have to get another digital subscription just to see it, unlike Star Trek Discovery… #shotsfired

Black Mirror– Season 4 is ridiculous! Speaking of Star Trek parodies, that first episode USS Callister was wild. No spoilers, just go watch it. Then the episode Black Museum. I can’t say anything else without giving it away.


The Peculiar Patriot– A play about mass incarceration and its effect on families.


Injustice 2– Still playing this game.

As for my personal reflections, the year has had a few ups and downs. In the interest of not oversharing, I will only say that I intend to move a little smarter. Overreach can be a dangerous thing, if it remains unchecked. Despite that, I was able to maintain a decent level of activity, get my work published in two anthologies, and keep my name out there on the literary/poetry scene. Thank you, dear reader once again for all of your support. I hope you’ll keep reading in 2018. Peace.


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