LeftBook Digest 2016-2017 Now Available! 

Good morning my readers! I have mentioned the LeftBook Digest 2016-2017 in past blog posts. This one is to let you know that it is now available! For those that may be seeing this for the first time, the LeftBook Digest is collection of political and social commentary from people on the American left. In a sense, it is a people’s history, as many of the points of analyses completely shatter what is being stated publicly by the mainstream media. It is edited by Rob Wallace and Akira Hino. Oh, by the way, some of my commentary is in the digest too. I am honored to be included.

It features commentators such as Yvette Carnell of Breaking Brown, Jared Ball, Kirsten West Savali, and Paul Street. If you want a record of different perspectives during a time where political figures are blaming Facebook ads bought by Russia for last year’s election results, then the LeftBook Digest is for you. It is available FREE via PDF.

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