Community Profile: Meet Master Wentworth Small

Master Wentworth Small, 6th Degree Black Belt

Striving for excellence can take various forms. Whether it’s academics or athletics, working toward self improvement is an endeavor that can often be it’s own reward. In this week’s community profile, we bring your attention to Master Wentworth Small. 

Master Small is a martial arts instructor and a sixth degree Black belt. He is also the founder of the Chang Ch’Uan Fa (CCF) Martial Arts System, based on Wu Shu. Wu Shu is a Chinese martial art. Master Small has been training since 1973, and teaching martial arts for 41 years.

Master Wentworth Small in CCF t-shirt

In talking with Master Small, it is apparent that he is choosing to offer his decades of training to the community for a greater purpose.

“My vision and the reason for my effort to teach MA at MCC and Harlem in general is a desire to bring/offer an effective MA program to folks in the inner city at an affordable price. All too often these programs are so expensive as to be un-affordable. As a result the folks that live in these neighborhoods cannot get or enjoy the tangible and/or intangible benefits that traditional MA training and practice has to offer.”

Master Small teaches this class on Saturday afternoon at Manhattanville Community Center in Harlem. Currently, he is looking to expand into a weeknight class. In a telephone interview with Master Small, he explains his outlook on what Martial Arts is about.

“Traditional Martial Arts is the pursuit of excellence that lasts a lifetime.” This dedication shows, in the focus on practicality and discipline. While many are lured by the hype of mixed martial arts, Master Small takes the traditionalist perspective.

For those who are interested in training with Master Small, you may contact him directly at (646) 541-6972 or




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