Independence Day: Resurgence – Review

Independence Day: Resurgence
Independence Day: Resurgence

Good evening my readers. It’s officially summer, and you know that means the emergence of the summer blockbusters. Of course, one of the biggest summer movies was the original Independence Day starring Will Smith. Back in 1996, this film made a big impact.

Independence Day: Resurgence is the sequel, and picks up the story in the aftermath of humanity’s victory against the alien invasion. It’s entirely possible that you can enjoy this movie without seeing the original. It’s not heavy on storyline, or plot development. What it was heavy on, was action and your standard science fiction tropes. Considering that Independence Day owes a lot to War of the Worlds, this is no surprise.

Laser cannons? Check. Fused human-alien tech? Check. An unrelenting galactic menace? Check. Watching this movie felt like watching a video game. I mean that in a good way. As a gamer, I saw elements of Halo, Gears of War, and Command and Conquer 3 and 4 in Independence Day: Resurgence. All good games… (#cough well except maybe C&C4) that have heavy science fiction elements to them.

As far as the characters, we know that there was a minor uproar online about Will Smith not being in it. And while it’s understandable, considering that the film is battle and special effects driven, it wasn’t a big deal in my opinion. Here, it’s set up for more films to follow at the end, and I felt the flick was entertaining. It’s not highbrow, cerebral Sci fi like Elysium or Prometheus, but a widely accessible Sci fi action film to get folks to theaters to get more encounters of it’s kind. I was entertained, and that’s what a flick is supposed to do.

I must go now, I have the sudden urge to play Halo. Lol. PeaceĀ  y’all!

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