Brexit Stage Right; Britain Leaves European Union

Brexit- Britain Leaves EU

As I am sure you have read on various other news sources, Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union. It might feel like hyperbole, but I will say it anyway: this move has global implications.

Hearing the news that a national referendum resulted in a nation choosing not to entangle itself in a faltering economic bloc doesn’t portend well for the state of the world economy.

Not to be an alarmist, but a collapsing confidence in the European economy doesn’t mean good things for the rest of the world. So much for the global economy. Yes, the EU in general is an economic imperialist bloc, but this crisis will only make things worse for those already suffering. We can just look at the refugee crisis to see an example of it.

If you go back into the history of the European Economic Community, which was a precursor of sorts to the European Union back in the 1950’s- one of the purposes of it was to foster economic growth and prevent conflict between these nations. Having two world wars within the space of 20 years will encourage cooperation. Now, with this fracturing, it will mean economic conflict. Which in turn could lead to military conflict. Not tomorrow, but years down the road.

Capitalism is failing, not dying. Unlike other past economic modes, capitalism has to be deliberately supplanted. It won’t just die on its own. It had two world wars and hit the reset button on itself. I can understand the spirit of people wanting to be elated that the exploiters are suffering, but let’s think a little beyond that. The only problem is that I wouldnt cheer for a burning plantation there are hundreds of people still in it.. What does this portend for the exploited global South?

Global capitalism is going to take a lot of us down with it, because it’s not like we have built any alternatives to it.. anywhere. There isn’t one country on earth that has switched it’s economic system to socialism.

Cheering for the troubles of the imperialists, is understandable. That sounds good on paper, but these same desperate empires just got a lot more dangerous. Nothing more danger than a collapsing imperialism… this has happened before.. when competing imperial powers fight over scarce resources who suffers the most? Imperialism has a way in making millions pay for it’s failures.

Putting it together: Brexit, European economic instability, U.S. aggression against Russia, tension in the South China sea.. not a recipe for good things to come. Also considering that there aren’t many putting forth an alternative to what is a decaying economic system makes it much worse.

So yes, ultimately this Brexit vote will mean a lot. Much of it will be unforeseen consequences, and it’s definitely going to get realer as time goes along.

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