We Are All “Superpredators” Now

Good morning all. I had some more thoughts to add from yesterday’s Bill Clinton blow up. It appears that even our “friends” are allowed to criminalize and dehumanize Black Americans as long as they can justify it. Activists shouldn’t run away from the fact that mass incarceration compels one to defend those who have been unjustly criminalized.

As the shockwaves continue, I find my outlook confirmed. I caught some flack for saying in public spaces that I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton even if she was the nominee. It would mean making peace with a center-right/neo-liberal outlook.  In all likelihood this incident won’t make die-hard Clinton supporters change their minds. But, for principled progressives, it points to a political dilemma.

These primaries are showing a struggle within the Democratic Party. Either millions of Democratic voters are stuck with a status quo, middle of the road politics, or it will be forced to move left and re-embrace tenets of compassionate Liberalism, social democracy, and Keynesian economics. If not, it’s a question as to whether who is really welcome or wanted in the party.

What a week.


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