Bill Clinton’s Tirade Against Black Lives Matter

This has not been a good week for Hillary Clinton. After another loss to Bernie Sanders in Wisconsin, now we have a rally with former President Bill Clinton totally losing it. The footage is in circulation across the net, and Bill is ranting in defense of the 1994 crime bill. He basically defends Hillary’s use of the loaded term “superpredators.” He goes so far as to say that BLM folks are defending thugs and murderers.

At a time where people are questioning the whole system of mass incarceration and the legislation that established it, how can we be “confident” that the Clinton campaign is going to facilitate any reforms when one is doubling down on heavy handed, harmful policies of the past?

The Clinton’s have done a lot of damage to the Black community,  here and abroad *cough* Haiti *cough* but Bill wants to play up Africa. Okay.

This primary is indeed getting ugly.  That’s politics. People are saying that it’s “gone nuclear” but this was bound to happen eventually. This will all make for a very spirited debate next Thursday in New York.

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