Reaching the Bobbi Kristina’s In Your Life

Reaching the Bobbi Kristina’s in your life 

by Dr. Ebony Archer

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Although there are no firm details about what happened to Bobbi Kristina that led to her long-term coma, it’s no secret that the young, impressionable girl has attempted suicide on multiple occasions before her 21st birthday.

Suicide is one of the most popular killers in today’s society, especially amongst our youth. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth between the ages 10-24.

Unfortunately, Bobbi Kristina might become another statistic. This is tragic, but yet, it is not shocking. Bobbi Kristina’s childhood consisted of seeing both of her parents become victims of the music industry and drug abuse which eventually led to the death of Whitney Houston, a moment which Bobbi Kristina has still not come to peace with and it caused her to confide in the one source that she believed that will give her a sense of comfort which is drugs.

Why? Drugs provide a “high” where it takes people from their reality and provides them a place of comfort. For Bobbi Kristina, the high may be used as a way to take her away from a world that caused her pain and sorrow. It could possibly take her away from a place of judgment, which she feels like her life no longer has value. It may even provide her a way out of a life that she may no longer wants.

Nearly all suicide victims always come to a place where they feel that they no longer have a purpose to live. Bobbi, like other suicide victims, has also come to this conclusion.

With Bobbi’s current situation, the automatic assumption is that this is a cry for help and someone may need to rescue her. If this is true, “a cry for help” is not enough because it is time for Bobbi Kristin to gain a sense of self-belief.

Self-belief is the confidence and certainty that a person has in his or her ability to overcome anything. However, self-belief is not an attribute that can be easily learned without the correct guidance and teaching. America’s young people need to be reminded that there are many reasons to keep the faith.

This is why I am launching the “Gotta Believe in Me Youth Empowerment Tour” this summer starting on June 19th. The purpose of the tour is to inspire and teach our youth and young adults that they do not have to be victims of societal standards because they possess a unique purpose that has been specifically designed for them.

Like Bobbi Kristina, as a child I suffered from low self-esteem and did not understand the value that my life offered. However, I came to one realization and I want the youth to realize that no matter what challenges that life may bring, each of us have the ability to say, “I Gotta Believe in Me.”

About Dr. Ebony Archer:

Despite her age, Dr. Ebony Archer is credited with help youth by positively impacting their lives through her melodic voice and words of inspiration. Having sung and shared stages with big names such as R. Kelly, Celine Dion and Yolanda Adams, Ebony is on her way in making a legacy that will withstand throughout generations to come. She will perform this summer at a WNBA game and other events. To learn more about Ebony, visit


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  1. Assuming as they say, will almost always make an ass out of you. You have no idea what happened to her and so you just decide to use her as an example to push your tour. Lady thats disgusting and should you need examples, I would think you would have used something or someone else. This girl is fighting for her life and you, like so many others, are using her name to draw attention to yourself for profit. I do believe I am truly digusted. Maybe a little more life experience and age would have taught you better.

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