Guiliani, 2016 and the Expected Rightward Shift

Official American politics are about to move right. It may unnerve a few, but apparently all the signs are there. A great example of this is what Guiliani said last week at Gov. Walker’s fundraiser last week.

Giuliani is grasping at straws for relevancy, but unfortunately he is tapping into a cesspool of sentiments out there with his dig at Pres. Obama. Guiliani is indeed a loathsome figure, but its not about him. While Rudolph Guiliani himself is about as viable on the national political scene as Newt Gingrich, the groundswell of support for such talk is palpable.

Giuliani may have just opened the first shot of the 2016 election. It looks like it will be framed as getting back to “normal” rule.┬áIn conservative minds, the last 8 years has been a social experiment. And now, its time to return to business as usual. The narrative will be, we had a Black president, and look what happened with that. This narrative will persist, despite the fact that President Obama has carried out imperial projects that a white Republican president could not. *cough* Libya *cough*

That’s what is behind the clearing out of Black faces in visible media places. They are getting ready for the expected right turn. CNN first, and now we see MSNBC following suit. Unfortunately, many of these shows were on borrowed time anyway.

Will we expect to see Republicans en masse rushing to repudiate these remarks? It is doubtful, because it plays right into the beliefs of their base of supporters. Others have doubled down on these remarks. Including Bobby Jindal, who has his own identity issues to contend with.

What is really occuring as the clock winds down in the last two years of the Obama Administration is a return to basics. The rightwing polarization shows itself in the murder of three students of Islamic faith in North Carolina. There can be a murderous logic to “taking the country back.” Until we see otherwise, then that is what will typify conservative politics.



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