Purposeful Communication

Good morning readers. Today’s Kwanzaa principle is Nia, or purpose. As a person who publishes a multi-purpose, multifaceted blog, purpose is important to me. I often ask myself whether I am meeting my purpose, offline and with this platform. This year, has been challenging. In spite of all of the things I dealt with, I strive to stay on mission.

My purpose is to inform, provoke thought, and share what I know. But, that also means that I have to entertain in some respects as well. That means, not behaving like a soulless automaton. Which is kind of hard for me at times, especially around folks I don’t know well.

But, if it means growing in my art form and expression, it’s what I need to do. Such is a writer’s/poet’s life. What is your purpose?

-Marc Polite

Not Cylon Number 4.


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