Sex and the Single Mom

Sex and single moms( – As a satisfied celibate mommy, I have no desire to break out my freakum dress or worry about how to get a man to go home after I put it on him. Sorry, but some people are born with gifts. Putting a man to sleep afterwards is my specialty but cupid better point his arrow somewhere else.

So when one of my favorite mom bloggers Natasha decided to post about sex and single moms I became curious to find out exactly how many of the moms in TheSingleMomClub are breaking backs at night.

Here’s an except from her blog:

“Sex is taboo…especially when it comes to the single mom. If she’s having sex, it’s expected that she beware so that she doesn’t end up pregnant again and a single mom to several children. If she’s not having sex, then she’s a complete prude. Which one is it? Am I promiscuous or am I a prude? The ongoing judgment sometimes drives me nutty. At some point in my life, although it seems like ages ago, I had a pretty active sex life. That’s how my son was born, right??!! But in recent years, it has been practically nonexistent.

“For the past 2 years, I had no relationship – sexual or otherwise – with anyone. I focused on enjoying the early years of parenthood, building my career and education, and just living. But obviously that was too crazy for some people to believe because I am constantly questioned as to when I would start a relationship or at least go out and have some incredible sex with someone. It was obvious (maybe only to them) that I needed “some” in my life to take the edge off. I admit, I was on edge but I seriously doubt that having sex was going to help it – I just needed to relax. Who am I kidding, right? Yes, I needed to have sex. But it was a bit overwhelming thinking about having sex with someone.

“I tried the dating thing for a little bit, hoping that I start a new relationship. Maybe just being a relationship would help me to relax a little. But unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to start dating, and it crashed and burned at every turn. I continuously hurt people that were obviously into me but that I had no interest in starting a relationship. At first, I thought it was them, but really and truly – I wasn’t ready. And I started to feel horrible. I was dating for a few months when I just decided to put it on the back burner for a little while.”

So what do you do when you’re a single mom, horny, and not ready for a relationship? Read the rest of Natasha’s column here.

1) Be your own lifesaver. No one wants to be the hero all the time. Try to take care of yourself and leave just enough “saving” for the man in your life to feel powerful and protecting.

2) Feed him. Blah. Blah. Blah. Eat this. Works every time.

3) Let him lead. This tip right here is straight selfish but makes men feel manly. Let him feel like you cannot resist him and are “giving in” even if you already had champange and strawberries by the bed. You looked too good for him to notice anyway. But the truth is, you’re exhausted so laying on your back is exactly what the doctored ordered. If you fall asleep, tell him you passed out from passion overload.

4) Give up the remote. When he visits, let him control the T.V., unless its Thursday night and Scandal is on. In that case, what is he doing there anyway?

5) Be you only not really. It’s okay to multi-task and handle your mommy business but from time-to-time, you need to let go and let someone take care of you.


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