Review- Confessions of A Sucker For Love

Confessions of a Sucker For Love book cover
Confessions of a Sucker For Love book cover

Matters of the heart can be difficult to address. When people get involved with one another on a level past friendship, then things can get complicated.  Stanley Fritz’s book Confessions of A Sucker For Love talks about these issues with a touch of humor, and a spirit of irreverence for the typical rules of engagement.

Using his experiences as a roadmap of sorts, Confessions is a tour of heartache, that results in self-reflection. Issues like being thought of as “too nice”, knowing what not to say, and the dreaded “friend zone” are raised. Most guys have found themselves there at least once. #FaReal

Reading the part about the friend zone brought back some bad memories for this writer, to keep it 100. But, aside from reminding me of the #curvedays, Stanley has written a book in which I laughed along with him.  In addition to putting past mishaps on blast in a funny way, the introspection of a man who wants to build a healthy relationship is a factor here. Overall, Confessions is a fun read, and I recommend it if you want something different from what is forced on us typically in love and relationship literature.




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