15 Year Anniversary of Sega Dreamcast Launch!

English: An NTSC Sega Dreamcast Console and PA...
English: An NTSC Sega Dreamcast Console and PAL Controller with VMU. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This title may have some of you looking at the url to make sure you came to the right site this morning. I felt like writing something a little different for this day in September. As a former hardcore gamer(Let me keep it real), this day holds a special significance for me. Way back in the day, before I thought of myself as a writer, I was a gamer. From the days of arcade hopping on Amsterdam Avenue to buying the newest games on launch day, I was truly about that gamer life. Back in 1999, it was what I was on. Out came a system that I greatly anticipated, even saving money from my part time gig to make sure bought it.

The Sega Dreamcast was it back then. Having a system with online capability was a big deal. SegaNet, in reality was a precursor to Xbox Live.  It came out in an era when the arcades were fading into non-existence slowly but surely, and the consoles were no doubt getting more powerful. That September morning, I waited outside the Gamestop in Manhattan mall with many other dedicated gamer heads, talking about what we all expected. The two games I bought were Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur. I played them, non-stop. Especially Soul Calibur.

Even though the system was short-lived, it had some great games. Even today, the games hold a special place among the most avid of fans. Jet Grind Radio, Space Channel 5, Chu Chu Rocket, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, are some of the games that will make some ears perk up. I just hope folks still aren’t waiting for Shenmue 3. Come on, its not happening y’all. #LetitGo

Anyway, lets share out there! What are your favorite memories of the Sega Dreamcast? Did you, like I wait in line for one? Or did you just play it at a friends house? Your comments are welcome.


P.S. – My Dreamcast STILL works! Now THAT is quality!


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