Black Kids from Ferguson, MO Speak Out in “Hey White People,” Comedic Viral Video Educating Whites On Racism

Ferguson, MO – September 9, 2014 –  A month to the day after unarmed black teenager Mike Brown was gunned down by a white police officer, children from the very neighborhood that was ground zero for America’s largest racial tension flare-up in decades marked the day with the release of a mockingly funny and slickly produced Internet video. The sometimes brutally blunt clip directly targets whites who believe racism in America is over. In the video, children from 13 to as young as 6 years old list off shocking statistics about the racism their generation faces and humorously lampoon common statements from white people who claim racism is a thing of the past. In the clip Ferguson kids use biting humor to take down the myth of the “race card” and sarcastically skewer certain white people’s claims that “some of my best friends are black” and that they “don’t see color.” The kids appear in the video sporting black T-shirts with bold white text declaring “Racism Is Not Over. But I’m Over Racism.” The video is part of advocacy T-shirt company’s charity T-shirt fundraising effort. The group’s website is making tees available starting at $13, with $5 from each tee sold benefiting five anti-racism organizations and projects.


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