Eric Cantor Loses Primary To Tea Party Candidate

No pundit saw this one coming. Eric Cantor, darling of the establishment conservatives lost in a primary. His opponent Dave Brat, a Tea Party upstart bested Cantor despite a lead in the polls.

This outcome shows that in several parts of the country, the far right is gaining prominence. The idea that if you ignore political trends, they will go away is proven as folly.

There are two questions that immediately surface from this Cantor defeat. One, what does this behold for this year, especially the mid term elections? Two, what does this mean for progressives? Conservative Democrats often have no fear of being challenged electorally from the left, nevermind an actual defeat. If progressives see this occuring, then should this be a cue to push a more strident agenda?

While we are throwing out ideas, lets talk about that couple in Las Vegas that decided to go Mickey and Mallory. Do you think that there is a connection between the uptick in shootings, and this right wing polarization? It may seem a stretch, but the individualistic, gun culture propagated by conservatives has more traction than the mainstream media would like to admit.

There are sure to be more shocks to come.

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