Writer Profile: Meet “On The Precipice” Author Taneeka Wilder

Author Taneeka Wilder showcases "On The Precipice of Love Illuminated"
Author Taneeka Wilder showcases “On The Precipice of Love Illuminated”

Writing, aside from being informative, can be healing as well. Taneeka Wilder is one writer who uses her words to heal herself and others. This year, Taneeka published a book of poetry. On The Precipice of Love lluminated is a foray into musings on self-love, and emotional healing. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Taneeka about her book of poetry and the overall purpose of her writing.

Polite On Society: What inspired you to name your book this particular title?

Taneeka Wilder:

When I first thought of a title for the book, I thought of cliffs and edges. I thought of a line from the remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” It went: “Only when you reach the precipice, is when the change begins” The poems in this book are a testament to growing when you are pushed to your edge, and you can’t turn back.

POS: What inspires you to write poetry?

TW:Writing for me has always been therapeutic. My writing is about healing and inspiration. In 11th grade, I was at a turning point in my life. My writing saved me. If my writing can heal me, then my words can inspire others.

POS: What do you envision for this book?

TW: I want to do workshops around health and healing. This book is  not the end result. I want other people to tap into their own creative abilities. I want to branch out, The arts have so much to offer in helping us move out of our heads and into our hearts.

POS: Any words of wisdom for your audience?

TW: Never be afraid to take a risk to be your authentic self.” There is great freedom at the end of that rainbow. It is important to do the inner work that is needed for your own growth, and to never forsake that.

I  thank Taneeka for taking the time to speak with us about her work. Her book can be found on Amazon.com, and there is a Facebook page for Love Illuminated.  Check out her recent interview on the Progressive Radio Network. You should also be aware that she has written a piece titled “Emotional Emancipation” about the suicide of 22 year old blogger Karyn Washington.  She will be facilitating the Phoenix Forum Discussion Group’s meeting this Thursday, May 29th. Come out if you can.

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