We Still Don’t Believe You: The Selling of Syrian Conflict to the Public

As the attention of the nation turns from a tattered economy to preparing for another war, President Obama has transformed himself into a salesman of sorts. Those who have been following the news know that Syria is the next intended target for humanitarian intervention. While it bares repeating that only 9 percent of Americans support an intervention, the push is under way regardless. This particular moment feels similar to the time in late 2002 when the war drums were beating for the second Iraqi conflict.

In spite of the war weary sentiment of the vast majority of the American people at this moment, the push for war continues. The Congressional Black Caucus setting a craven example, even discouraged its members from discussing this conflict. Unfortunately, some elected officials are more concerned with sparing President Obama shame than asking thorough questions about why this situation requires a response. Well, at least their political priorities are in order.

Many have a healthy distrust of the stated foreign policy goals of the United States in many conflicts. A mistrust, that quite frankly is totally warranted. After all, it was only a decade ago that President Bush took the U.S. to war over non-existent Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Are we really to believe that the only reason that the U.S. wants to attack Syria is to defend the Syrian people from the Assad regime? Why jump into a civil war? Especially when the goals and stated reasons on the face of it are highly questionable. Besides, with everything going on here,why drain needed resources from domestic concerns? The old adage that “war is good for the economy” is no longer true. The conflict in Afghanistan has dragged on for 12 years, and look how wonderful our economy is doing. While an attack on Syria would be great for Raytheon, it would not be so good for the rest of the economy. But, all of this is sure to fall on the deaf ears of the vast majority of elected officials with a national platform.

As President Obama prepares to make a speech to the American people on Tuesday, of course using the eve of 9/11 as a back drop, we are sure to here more sophisticated lies and conjecture. This will take a predictable path, as the course of action it seems has already been decided.

Marc W. Polite

Says No To War in Syria

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  1. I agree, I am not in support of ay kind of strike on Syria. I know so many people who lost their employment, Some as long as 2008 and still having a hard time trying to find full time employment, I know people who are renting out rooms to totally strangers to keep their apartment. I know others that are going to food banks at the end of the month because food stamps are not enough and they work part-time making minimal wage, it is a shame in the riches county in the world and you have people who are working poor right here in this city. I volunteer at my child’s school and we have many parents who can’t afford to buy school supplies, we have fund raiser to make sure that students have the basics. It is really hard out here and I think that money that is going to be used to kill innocent people can be used to help people get basic services and full time employment. I SAY NO TO STRIKING SYRIA.

  2. I am not for lobbing a few bombs over the bow mentality for the sake of saving face for Obama. President George W. Bush had the majority of all before going to war. As far as WMD’s are concerned weather we wish to believe it or not, there is enough evidence from various credible sources that the WMD’s were moved into Syria. Saddam had plenty of time to do so.
    Syria is fighting a civil war, the rebels are no better than their government, it is the innocents caught in the middle that suffer. If the U.S. where to do something, it should be for the purpose of securing and removing these weapon, to do so would mean boots on the ground and you can bet the WMD’s have been moved already. The U.S. should not supply weapons to the Muslim brotherhood. President Bush had his two terms in office, what was done for better or worse is done, there is nothing he can do about the present, it’s Obama at the helm, he is setting the course and he’s heading use into a storm.

  3. While I am not so sure about the assertion that Iraqi WMD’s were moved into Syria, I thank you for your commentary. The thing is Glenn, I am not so sure that is something that can be proved.

  4. I’ve been around for a while and for me to have missed such evidence by a CREDIBLE SOURCE would be an outstanding failure on my part. Please point me to such evidence.

  5. There is very little that can be proved. I’m not for another adventure in another foreign country. We need clearly stated goals…so far the goal is “well we have to send some kind of message” which is kind of ridiculous.

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