31 Days to Building A Better Blog- Day 4

After a bit of a lapse, I have decided to pick back up where I left off with the blog building exercises. This time, I am analyzing a blog in my niche. Since Polite On Society is primarily a blog of political and social commentary, I am choosing to take a look at the well respected and always on point Black Agenda Report. The six year old site is a hub for advanced political analysis, and does a great deal to assist its readers in fully understanding politics. We are spared the fluff, and BAR gets right to the point of journalism- to dig towards the truth. Offending many along the way with analysis that does not absolve those with political power, BAR goes hard.

They have a great variety of contributors, and have a good mix of content between audio articles, and text.  As a regular reader of Black Agenda Report myself, I find that their publication schedule is reliable. If it is the middle of the week, you can be sure that BAR will have something new for those who want to really understand the Black progressive view. All in all, I would say that the site is one of the key blogs on Black politics.  It is a space that invites people to frequently return to it.


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