Tips On Keeping Yourself Academically On Track

Editor’s Note: Here, I begin giving academic advice to those who wish to stay focused. Hopefully, it will help some folks out there. M.P.

As the new semester begins, and you begin to reacquaint yourself with class schedules and assignments, it is important to stay focused. Yes, your mind very well may be in summer mode for the first week. However, do remember that whether you are coming into college from high school or coming back for an additional year, focus is necessary. Here are 3 tips to help keep you focused on your curriculum.

Get familiar with the library early in the semester

You can research your assignments early to get a better handle on the work. Far too many incoming students are not acquainted with their school library until midterms and finals. Which leads into the second tip:

Don’t wait till mid-terms to start studying

Information is easier to process if you read all along, as opposed to cramming for a month and a half of material. If you make it your business to know the subjects from Week 1, then the burden of trying to remember it all in mid-October will be much less. Which leads to the last tip:

Read ahead if possible

Yes, life as a college student is busy. But if at all possible, read a couple of pages ahead of the assignment. If you come across a passage that gives you difficulty, you can be proactive in reaching out to your instructor. In all likelihood, your professor has already read the entire work. This way, you have a slight advantage in gaining clarity in a subject.

With these quick tips, you are on your way to ensure that you as a student will not fall behind in your studies.

-Marc W. Polite


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