Romney Campaign Unleashes Welfare Attack Angle

As the 2012 campaign edges ever closer to November, GOP presidential nominee unveils a tried and true attack angle. Ever since Reagan, the issue of welfare is invoked to rile up conservative voters against anyone who would dare “give away” their tax dollars to the undeserving. The latest attack is a shift away from talk on the economy. Now, the conversation pivots from Mitt Romney’s alleged strength to an angle that calls into question the outlook of President Obama on work. Romney accuses the president of removing the work requirements from welfare.¬†Of course, as many fact checkers have noted, it is not true. That has not deterred Romney from using it. The association of President Obama to welfare is a racially charged item that will not be put to rest. It will be further employed by a desperate campaign from a privileged individual who sees fit to beat up on those who have less.

Today the first day of the Republican National Convention. As the week goes on the hyperbole is sure to ensue. Even with the most visible Republican extremists noticeably absent from this event, the tone is still noticeably acerbic. So much, to the point that President Obama in a recent AP interview noted that the level of dishonesty may be an issue in the upcoming debates. Translation: prepare to be called on your nonsense.

The Republicans may consider this line of attack not racially charged, but its an unconvincing cover. Its bad enough to throw rocks and hide your hands, but its even worse when they come from the same boulder.

-Marc W. Polite


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