Egypt Sherrod–HGTV And V103 Radio Host on Community and Giving Back

Blacks Celebrities are always getting a bad rap when it comes to giving back to their communities. Their actions are often overlooked and sequestered in the media. When we do hear about what some of them are doing, it will likely involve drugs, scandal, or something gone eerily wrong.

However, in my lifetime to be amongst a generation of folks that have had the opportunity to witness the nomination and election of the first Black president I can also see the progress we’ve made. Leadership is so important to guiding the youth who Egypt Sherrod states, “Are the future leaders of tomorrow.”  Egypt Sherrod is the host of Property Virgins and one of the Radio MC’s of Altanta’s popular radio station V103.

Despite her busy schedule juggling between radio and TV, Egypt has made it a top priority to give back by starting her own non-profit, the Egypt Cares Family Foundation, which helps local Atlanta teens prepare for a career in the media profession and some day follow in her foot-steps.  Her Rising Media Stars Bootcamp gives youth the opportunity to learn and explore what it takes to become news anchors, journalists, and television producers. By giving children this go behind-the-scenes chance to meet with executives at major media companies she’s helping them to connect the dots.

Summing things up, helping others to connect the dots is an important characteristic of good leadership. It signifies an understanding for the connection human beings share with each other.  In order to correct what is wrong in our society and to fill-in the gaps between government and corporations more non-profits and social entrepreneurs are needed.

Egypts new season of HGTV’s Property Virgins starts August 28th.




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