R.I.P. Gil Noble

As I am sure many of you have heard by now, legendary journalist Gil Noble has passed.  The host of “Like It Is” for over forty years interviewed countless figures in Black politics, music, education and other areas. The last episode of his show, a staple of Sunday afternoon program for Black America aired back in October. I don’t believe we will ever get a show like this again.

Gil was 80 years old.



  1. Hi, Marc! WHAT?! Gil Noble has passed??? I’ve been caught up with so many things lately, I didn’t know. WOW. When I was little, my Mom tuned in every Sunday on channel 7. R.I.P. Mr. Noble, a TRUE journalist.

  2. Yeah Marissa. Another Black icon lost. I almost didn’t write this post cause I don’t like writing about people after they have passed. I am glad I did in retrospect to let those who may not have known aware. Gil will be missed.

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