Has The General Election Started Already?

This week,  GOP presidential candidate and front runner Mitt Romney took all three primary contests in Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C. Some political observers have taken this to indicate that the primaries are in essence over. Santorum and Gingrich are both floundering, the latter more obviously than the former. With a discussion already underway about who Romney will select as his running mate, its apparent that in the eyes of the mainstream media, its a done deal. George HW Bush has endorsed him, making it all but official. As the campaign continues the approach of  Mitt Romney Job Creation and taxes will continue to be an issue. Moderates see some of his views  being at odds with what most of the country wants.

President Obama has this week opened a line of attack on Romney over the Paul Ryan economic plan. With the general election in mind, will it be possible for Romney to distance himself from this radical budget?

-Marc W. Polite

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