New York City Mission Society Celebrates 200th Anniversary

Grand Opening of Operation SNUG Headquarters

2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the New York City Mission Society. This non-profit organization focuses on bolstering the education and employment skills of children living in the poorest sections of  New York City.  Among the initiatives the Mission Society runs are four after-school programs, a teenage pregnancy prevention program, and the well known Summer Youth Employment Program. However, that is not all. Polite On Society recently had the opportunity to speak with Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo of the Executive Director’s office to find out more about the more recent initiatives of the Mission Society.

POS: The New York City Mission Society celebrates 200 years of existence. What in your opinion does it mean to the underserved communities of New York City?

Nana:I think it means a lot to the community to know that there is someone out there that is focused on helping them achieve their greatest selves through personal growth and a greater degree of self-sufficiency. For the past 80 years our community center Minisink Townhouse has served as a beacon of light in the Harlem community.
POS: Tell us about the grant the Mission Society received from the City Council last year. How will it help further the necessary work taken on by the organization?

Nana: Last year we received $2million dollars from New York City Council members Inez Dickens and Robert Jackson, the funds will be used towards our Capital Campaign as part of the renovation of Minisink Townhouse.

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