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As more people gain access to technology, self-publishing becomes an increasingly viable way to break into the world of authorship. Polite On Society tapped Dawn, the author of Everything I Miss At Home to find out about her book what is involved in putting it out there. We speak to her about the promotional aspect of publishing, as well as sources of personal inspiration.

Polite On Society:  Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? Where you’re from? Etc?


I’ve always been a bit of a rogue, sexy, nerd if you will 🙂 I was raised in Columbus, OH. I grew up very into music, sports, and culture. My favorite book as a kid was an unabridged dictionary I got from my Grandmother. I lugged around this huge huge dictionary because i loved discovering knowledge and learning about history and about the whys and hows of the world.

POS: What inspires you to write?

Dawn:  I am inspired to write by life and imagination. There are so many stories inside me and Everything I Miss At Home is the tip of the iceberg. I think inspiration is around us all the time if we can stop and really find ourselves in the moments God & the universe gives us. I think writing allows me to tell fables and share experience while being entertaining and not preachy.

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