The Princess Chronicles: Happy Second Birthday!

Greetings everyone! I have to take a little break from the political coverage, news, and literature events for a quick moment. I must recognize an important milestone: today is my daughter’s second birthday!  Its so hard to believe, its amazing. I remember bringing home this little girl from the hospital not so long ago, and here it is 2 years later. Every other parent I know was right. They told me that time does indeed fly.

Parenthood is a rewarding, and humbling experience. My wife and I marvel at the things she does, and laugh to ourselves about them too. That first year was in my opinion, the baby year, and that was that. After year one up until now was when the lil one really started showing us what she could do. She can turn door knobs, say short sentences, and is smart as I don’t know what. It seems like the space of time from her first learning how to walk, to running was not that wide. She now chases me around the house. LOL!  When I walk in the door, she says “How are you?” clear as day!  Just seeing her grow, and have awareness of her surroundings is a beautiful thing to see. Whether she is playing with teddy bears, or coming up with little creative costumes, its a joy to watch.  I know that when she graduates college twenty years from now (already calling it#highexpectations) that it will be because of the early promise shown right now.  She will be embarrassed by this post, but that’s just what parents do!

Now, on to the humbling part. There are things I generally knew about children, that everyone kind of knows. That they need attention, love etc. But there were things I had no idea were coming. I had no idea children bit so much, and that they will attack you for something they want. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been #toddlertackled and had my orange juice bogarded. It’s to the point where I don’t even fight it anymore. No one ever told me that children were so strong.  #toddlerelbowshurt Ha ha!  Oh, and another thing, good luck trying to keep neat and clean. Its a constant chore. But hey, so what if I got Teddy Graham crumbs on my coat? It’s gonna be alright. At least its not apple juice.. this time. Its a good thing there are cleaners around the neighborhood.

Let me stop. LOL. But for real though, this is a great day, and I know the toddler will enjoy all we have planned for her. This post is dedicated to the eventual heiress of Polite On Society and whatever else I do in the future.  Happy birthday princess!

-Marc W. Polite

Proud Father #parentpostalertdefcon1




  1. Marc, seems in addition to our last name our bambinos share a birthdate. My Prince turns 5 today the 29th. So best wishes to your beautiful princess and enjoy your wonderful day together! 😀

  2. Marc, Being a parent is one of the greatest accomplishments one can achieve. May your princess continue to grow forward with curiosity and love under the guidance of great parents. Happy birthday little one I wish you many blessings on this wonderful day. Try not to give your parents too many gray hairs ; ) .

  3. Happy birthday little one! Your precious daughter shares my youngest brother’s birthday Marc, congrats, you and your wife are justifiably proud 🙂 Stay on the path!!!!!! <3

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