Happy Grandparents Day!

Good afternoon people! For those who may not be aware, today is Grandparents Day. It’s the Sunday after Labor Day, and its purpose is to recognize the role of grandparents in our lives.

While I personally never knew my grandparents, I was told of them. I dedicate this post to my paternal grandparents Henry Polite and Sadie Drayton as well as my maternal grands Bynum Goodwyn and Anna Meade James. While I never knew them, I still can call their names in reverence and remembrance.

What do your grandparents mean to you? Have a great day everyone! Peace.

Marc W. Polite


  1. Being a grandparent myself, now, I can appreciate so much more the role my grandparents played n my life. Although my maternal grandfather was no longer living, I was lucky enough to have Sophie Fassler Reinhold in my life until I became a mother. She taught me about life, love, tolerance and forgiveness. She was my role model from very early on.
    My paternal grandparents were a product of their times, but I learned from them as well … mostly what I didn’t want to be like, but they loved me and that was important, too.
    So, today … though they have been gone more years than I can remember, I say a prayer and honor them.
    Thank you for this, Marc.

  2. After my parent’s divorce, my grandparents took on the task of raising me for a period of time, while my mother completed her degree in another state. My grandparents ran a tight ship and had no tolerance for nonsense at all! As a child I detested their strict rules, promising never to be like them when I became an adult. Funny thing is I credit my grandparents for many of the virtues I’ve carried with me into adulthood. When I was 23, I took on the responsibility of raising my two younger siblings, after my mother passed from lung cancer. It was quite the challenge raising a pre-teen & teenager alone, but I had the guidance of my grandparents to help carry me through.  I’m fortunate to still have them in my life and honor them every day.

  3. Powerful story Cleo. It was great to read your story of what your grandparents instilled in you. I appreciate you sharing. Thanks.

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