Boycotting 9/11

The ten year anniversary of 9/11 will be here in days. And already the environment is one of overbearing coverage. While the mainstream media makes a game of it as to who can provide the most grisly details, this time of year is about making us relive the horror of a decade ago. Don’t get me wrong. 9/11 changed much about our country, and makes us all take pause about how things have developed. But this almost “celebration” of the ten year anniversary of 9/11 is a bit much for me.

The families of the victims have every right to grieve and remember, but this official, media driven onslaught of coverage has very little to do with those sentiments. But, we have to see that ultimately, inundating us all with coverage of the timelines, the lead up into the events, the aftermath just really serves political purposes. It is more about keeping us all on a steady diet of fear. The purpose of which  is to keep us in trepidation, and justify everything that has happened in the past ten years in foreign policy.

I refuse to partake. Its also not mentally healthy. Why re-introduce people to the trauma of people perishing by the thousands? Seeing these images repeatedly is not good for the mind.  What is good about re-opening a wound?

As a native New Yorker myself, I really don’t want to see much coverage of this, having lived through it. I will be tuning out, and boycotting the avalanche of 9/11 coverage that is sure to come in the next two days. What say you?


  1. I used to work in the towers. I spent much of 2001 installing office furniture at the offices of Dai Ichi Kangyo Bank, 48/49/50 Fls, 1 WTC (I still have my security badge!). It was hard enough seeing the towers fall the first time, I really don’t need to be reminded. All of this WTC 10th anniversary shit is ridiculously morbid, and it makes is blindly accept whatever lies the rulers tell us about the “terrorism threat”. I want no part of it!

  2. Read you loud and clear Marc!!!!! I’ll actually be performing in a tribute on 9/11, so will witness some of this. Agree with you on over-coverage, have avoided like the plague, performing is more than enough, GE my friend…

  3. So well said, Marc.
    As someone who was on the block of WTC Tower 1 ten minutes prior to the attack and deeply affected in a variety of ways, the “over -coverage” as a whole (starting in July!) only serves to saturate me with a gripping sadness for the loss of lives and security. The politics of fear only produces a society that eventually becomes numb to real issues and concerns.

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