Polite Society: Week In Review; 4/10-4/15

Greetings everyone! Another exciting week in news. Lets recount what occured.

President Obama’s Budget Cuts

The battle over the federal budget continues. In spite of an ongoing recession, the push to make deeper and deeper cuts to social programs is the order of the day. It is to the point that even some progressives are apprehensive about this latest proposed austerity program. With things like Pell grants and job training in the line of fire to be cut, there is no wonder why there is some dissension. Can Obama’s bid for re-election survive the open disgust from those in his own party? That remains to be seen.

West vs. Sharpton

The dust-up about the Black Agenda is all over the blogosphere. But, what does it mean?  Is it just loud talk? Or will it translate into a grass roots effort from Black America to seek political change?

Ongoing Rent Crisis in NYC

The rent is about to get even higher.. if nothing is done. Working and middle class New Yorkers are under the gun. In an already gentrified NYC, the very real possibility of people being evicted is around the corner. Will the pols of NY come to their senses and do the right thing for NYC’s Main Streeters? If not, there could be less New Yorkers real soon, and we wont have to wait for another census to realize that it occured.

That’s it for this week. What’s the news in your area? Chime in! Peace!



  1. The so-called “Dust Up” was much to do about something. Obviously, both Cornell West and Al Sharpton had valid points to make. President Obama has not overtly focused on the black social agenda, nor has he included references to the poor in all of his rhetorical splendor. He should be taken to task for not finding a way to highlight our plight as one of the biggest casualties of the economic crisis. With that being said, both Sharpton and West know that Obama is under the gun in a way that is unimaginable for a president of the USA. With every fiber of their being, the forces of the establishment, including Republicans and their teabag-spawns, the corporate kingpins, and even some of Obama’s white liberal supporters, are conducting an all out assault on the legitimacy of his presidency. It is just to much of a bitter pill for at least half of the country to take to have a black man, who is the face of the nation, leading from the sculptured lawns of the white house – it’s almost sacrilegious for many of those weekend christians. So, when the president ignores our collective economic misery, we should speak up and make him listen. He’s just a man and not a god to be followed blindly. But, let’s be real: more so than many of us, Sharpton and West know the stakes and the game that’s being played. None of us should ever forget that Barack Obama is walking a razor-thin tightrope across an abyss filled with the essence of hate, with only a straw for balance. Brother West should remind his compadre, Tavis Smiley, that it’s a responsibility to criticize but it’s important not to demonize Obama. It’s pretty safe to coach from the stands but it’s hard as hell to win on the field when the game is rigged. I think that our president is holding his own.

  2. Good morning Charles. Thank you for your commentary. I definitely agree that Black America should hold President Obama accountable. There is far too much happening to let him off the hook. I do not believe that Tavis Smiley was attempting to demonize Obama. I think we have to be careful not to cast aspersions on those who are vocal critics of the President.
    Yes, he is navigating a mine field politically. The position of POTUS is no cakewalk. That just comes with the territory. Even though it is important to recognize what he is up against, that is still no reason to quiet our voices. There is his political career, and the future of Black America. Which is more important?

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