Rice High School Students Recreate “A Great Day In Harlem”

Rice Graduating Class of 2011

The campaign to save Rice High School continues. As June approaches, the Harlem community moves to assist this institution. Fortunately there has been increasing coverage on this. The New York Times  ran a story about the challenges faced by Rice. On Thursday, April 7th, there was an afternoon rally in front of Rice. The photo you see above is a recreation of the classic 1958 photo of all notable jazz musicians of that era. Rice is part of Harlem history, and it is appropriate that they reach back and embrace that.   With the campaign well under way, there is more in the works as things progress.  There is talk of an upcoming public meeting around this issue.  Stay tuned to this blog to find out, as I will be updating you all as details are firmed up.  To find out more about what Rice Alumni can do, you can go to Alumni Action Network webpage. Below is a video of what current Rice students are doing for the community. Isn’t this the kind of work we want our young people to be engaged in? Video courtesy of FSD Productions

-Marc W. Polite

Rice Men from fsdproductions on Vimeo.


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