150th Anniversary of the Civil War

April 12th is the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Fort Sumter. As American historians know, this was the beginning of the Civil War.  This was the conflict that put an end to slavery in the U.S. There is much more to say about this event in history, but in the interest of keeping this post readable, I will refrain from bloviating.

What I will say, is that the Civil War and its memory in the public sphere has been mythicized and turned into a celebration of backwardness by the contemporary far right. I will never understand what is the fascination with Civil War battle re-enactments. The confederacy lost. But no one will say they should “get over it.” It is part of “Southern culture” Um. Yeah. Right.

What are your thoughts? Should we still commemorate the beginning of the Civil War as African-Americans?



  1. Awesome job! Ok, first off I think we should absolutely be in remembrance. History often repeats itself. We have to know where have been so we don’t end up that way again. It feel it’s important even though we are so far removed.

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