C of Tranquility: Album Review

“I saw a world in deluge, fighting over fossil fuels and food like a bunch of goddamn fools” -Canibus

C of Tranquility is the latest album by hip-hop artist and conspiratorial emcee extraordinaire Canibus. His tenth album, and this being the second one released this year,  the “lyrical analyst” has been hitting the booth hard. But often, that admirable work ethic can lead to a weaker product at the end of the day.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some good tracks on this album. In particular, “Captain Cold Crush” “Lunar Deluge” “Golden Terra of Rap” and “Cingularity Point” amongst a few others are definitely worth a listen. However, a couple of good tracks do not make a great album. This album doesn’t fall short in terms of content. With mentions of earthquake machines, psionic weapons, and star maps, ‘Bis doesn’t detour from his controversial, heavily science fiction based subject matter. (I say sci-fi because I don’t believe that “laser weapons are now being tested” #playingdumb #leavemealonemeninblack)

The issue with C of Tranquility is that the overall theme is not developed, and the project feels thrown together. In addition to lacking cohesion, the mixing and mastering do leave much to be desired.  In the most glaring example, the punchline about Barack Obama was unchanged from the title track, which originally debuted in 2008. That really should have been changed. At least punch in “again” after the verse. Something. On some of the tracks near the end, the beats are way too loud, drown out Canibus voice, and function as the foreground. The feature of Brooklyn based rap duo Tanya Morgan on the remix of “Golden Terra of Rap” was aight, but Bis himself has the same verse that he has on the original. Which kind of kills the vybe of a remix. Outside of some ill punchlines, I’d have to argue that this album overall is weaker than what he dropped earlier this year.

And here is where I have to upset a couple of folks. This album, in no way is better than Melatonin Magik. It’s not even close. I’m not just saying that because of the Bobby Hemmitt sample either. MM was a much better produced album, and had a tighter theme than this joint here.  And the beats were better. It’s hard for me not to compare C of Tranquility to an album that came out just this past February, even though some may say that it’s not fair. I have to keep it 100 on this review. I don’t recommend this album. Bis brought the heat this year, but not on this project.I give it a 2.5 out of 5.

Marc W. Polite

P.S. I will still be on the lookout for Bis’ next project, “Lyrical Law” I hope it’s better than this joint, for real.


  1. this wa sa good and fair review. i am devoted fan of canibus, and i must say i like the ep better than the lp. i know he can do better. u even knew about his bobby hemmit sample in the intro. i will support this site now

  2. Thank you Mike. Yeah, that sample of Bobby Hemmitt on Melatonin Magik kind of surprised me. It definitely added to the overall theme an project of Melatonin Magik.
    I wanted to be fair to this project, but I can’t sit here and act like its better than his last album when it’s clearly not. I listened to MM after I finished listening to C of Tranquility, and it’s not even close. Canibus can’t give us absolute fire in February and turn around and drop a mediocre album in October. He’s better than this current project, clearly. Thank you for your support.

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