Black in America 3: Almighty Debt Commentary

Yesterday, we learned from the “Almighty Debt” a couple of key things about being Black in America. We learned that debt is worse than racism, and had the point driven home by a reference to the Bible. Nevermind the false separation of racism from economic practices. Us Black people need to realize that racism is just words, not structural realities, not payday loans, not sub-prime mortgages.You can throw that stuff out the window. Stop making excuses!

We also learned that every Black person in America has connections to a church. Yes, every last one of us. All of our problems with unemployment would be solved if we just asked our pastor to hook us up with a job. Voila! Why are we even complaining? Just hit up your pastor (after you pay your tithes, of course ) and he will totally look out for you.

We all need condescending financial advice from our religious leaders every now and then. It’s good for the soul. There is absolutely nothing wrong with rich Black clergymen giving us lectures on monetary responsibility. Listen to the message!

Marc W. Polite

Still finding his bootstraps

P.S.- I realize this post is loaded with sarcasm, but it’s Friday and I don’t feel like analyzing this nonsense. For a thoughtful, non-snark driven piece, check CNN Mishandles Being Black In America and my afterthoughts on the screening I attended. Peace!


  1. Oh good Lord! CNN with another ‘swing and a miss’ regarding Black In America. I can’t believe I gave 90 minutes of my life to being chastised by ‘clergymen’ that could solve many of the people that were featured problems with their own personal bank accounts. The first problem with this special is that it leaves out so many Blacks in America. No CNN we are not this homogeneous monolith that you describe time and time again. Not all Black people are Christians. Not all speak English. Not all go to Church. Looking at CNN’s ‘case studies’ for this show, I saw nothing that represented me and my condition and I am a Black woman trying to make it in America. Yes racism plays to the heart of many of the ills of the Black community, but CNN missed another opportunity to really ‘put it out there’.

  2. I so agree. They missed the point, and basically pointed towards lack of financial responsibility as one of the key flaws in Black America. I didn’t see myself in yesterday’s special either. Thank you for your comments.

  3. I totally concur as well. I deplore how we as black people in this nation are put into this “one size fits all” brand. I was not able to see the last episode of Black in America, but I did see the first few segments from when it originally began. Again, we are not all financially irresponsible, and as always, our plight is always disproportionate to the masses. In addition, these so-called men of the cloth are definitely not doing what they are supposed to be doing in the name of God, and is continuing to kill the souls and spirits of the people who follow them. Why do we continue to allow this???

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